“A fascinating portal for Christians looking to explore meaningful conversations about the issues that affect their lives. The design feels fresh. The content is of interest to me. The site feels welcoming and inviting to me as a reader.”

John K. Bucher, Author: “Master of the Cinematic Universe” and LA


“Read.Write.Blog: A Refuge for Practical Christianity is a refreshingly real blog. The blogger is not afraid to tackle the hard topics that a lot of Christians want to avoid. She opens the door for discussion on real aspects of life that people struggle with. Her vulnerability to her readers lays the ground for a safe place of discussion on the topics. She shares her own struggles with the reader and gently encourages her readers to disagree. There is no fear of differing opinion here.”

- Rae Goss, Fundraising Specialist and Motivational Speaker


“The first one on racial reconciling alone was worth the time. [...] You are eloquent in what you need to say. [...] I like the fact that you have a picture with the post that helps give a visual reminder and [...] the titles of each post make sense.”

- Pastor Christian Dawson, Campus Pastor of Northwest University


“I absolutely loved every single blog post! I really appreciate when people share honestly about struggles in their life to help others relate; I found myself relating to each post. I was very encouraged by the stories, and I enjoyed the sense of humor as well.”

- Casey Miller, BSN Candidate


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 - Hannah Lemieux, Scrapbooking Maven and Blogger