February25 , 2024

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Tips


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A commercial refrigerator is essential to your business as it cools all your beverages and ingredients to perfection. That’s why it’s necessary to perform routine upkeep on your unit between routine service visits.

Of course, there are several things you need to do to ensure your equipment is well maintained. So, below are a few helpful commercial refrigeration maintenance tips to keep your unit clean and will also ensure it runs strong.

Regularly Clean the Condenser Coil

It’s vital if you clean your commercial refrigerator or freezer’s condenser coil consistently. Most manufacturers recommend cleaning once after every three months and many manuals provide specific cleaning tips. If you leave your refrigerator’s coil dirty or dusty, it will possibly be difficult for it to maintain temperature which will in turn cause overheating and component failure.

When you want to clean the unit’s coil, you should ensure you disconnect the power and use a stiff bristle brush in removing the dirt and dust. Then clear any remaining remnants with a strong vacuum or air compressor. Additionally, your manual should provide specific degreasing tips which are crucial if your unit is in a kitchen near fryers or griddles.

Consistency Clean the Interior and Exterior

You should try to schedule a thorough cleaning of your entire True Refridgeration unit on a weekly or biweekly basis. Ensure you remove items from the interior and place them in another unit or temporary cooler. Then, using a soft brush, scrub the shelves and surface with warm water and soap or a vinegar solution. If you can remove any drawers and shelving, soak them for a while and then rinse when clean.

You should also clean the exterior of your unit regularly. It’s important that you use proper cleaning solutions and materials on a stainless-steel exterior. Avoid at all means using abrasive scrubbers or sponges as well as chlorine cleaners. Instead, use a wash cloth or soft brush in cleaning the surface of your unit. A combination of warm water and vinegar or detergent-based solution can probably work best for routine maintenance.