May26 , 2023

How Supermarkets Are Dealing with Business Competition


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Truth be told; supermarkets understand a lot more about us than we think. With every transaction a customer makes, in-stores collect valuable information about the customer and use it to draw them back. This action is aimed at making sure they maintain their customer base while winning over a huge share of the market.  After all, they also want to make profits when running the business. That said, here are two ways in which supermarkets are dealing with business competition the right way.

Well-Targeted Marketing Promotions

How you choose to run your marketing campaigns speaks volumes on whether you’ll attain business success or failure. Do it the wrong way and your business is doomed to fail sooner or later. Supermarkets clearly, understand this and that’s why they prioritize marketing campaigns and promotions to stay afloat in business.

Chances are you’ve come across or heard about a supermarket promotion. Well, this is one of the ways that supermarkets use to market their business and drawing back customers to their stores for future purchases. Of course, supermarkets need to make use of well-targeted marketing campaigns and promotions if they’re to attract the attention of their customers.


Figuring out the right price that attracts enough customers while keeping your venture successful is never an easy undertaking in the supermarket’s price-sensitive industry. Despite this, supermarkets still manage to pull it off successfully thanks to data analytics. All it takes is for the supermarket to examine customer feedback and real-time sales to determine how customers respond to different prices.

You might think that low price is a clear indication of poor quality products. This is, however, not the case since a supermarket might be taking this as the perfect opportunity to attract new customers and retain the current ones. Rather than ignoring the promotions and offers you find at supermarket outlets, check them out as they may turn out to be great savings deals and prizes.

In Conclusion

Even though supermarkets operate with extremely tight profit margins, they are still able to deal with completion and achieve success. If you’re looking forward to saving some money when out shopping at the supermarket, it is highly advisable that you shop at any Sheng Siong supermarket outlet. Here, you can leverage their latest promotions and offers not forgetting great saving deals and prizes. Check them out today and save money when shopping.