January27 , 2023

Singapore’s IHiS Increases Bandwidth and Resiliency in Vaccine Operations with AWS


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An increasing number of companies in Singapore are now adopting and implementing AWS systems in their operations. And there is nothing wrong with taking this approach as it has a lot to offer businesses. One such company that continues to benefit greatly from the adoption of AWS systems in Singapore is the renowned Integrated Health Systems (IHIS).

A leader at what they do, IHiS was formed to pursue an integrated approach in IT implementation of public healthcare systems in Singapore. The IT systems are designed with the patient in mind and help improve patient accessibility to healthcare services. Furthermore, they help improve cost-effectiveness for our healthcare system through IT-enabled productivity measures.

Now more than ever, IHiS is rapidly scaling the Vaccination Operations IT System in Singapore to support vaccination volume from an initial load of about 8,000 daily vaccinations to a peak of 80,000 daily vaccinations within four weeks. And to pull this off successfully, the company is now counting on AWS systems to increase bandwidth and resiliency in vaccine operations.

After identifying bottlenecks in two areas; bandwidth and demilitarised zone (DMZ) resiliency, the company decided to leverage AWS Cloud-native services. Keep in mind the privacy and security of citizen data was of the utmost importance for IHiS. That is where AWS comes in handy since it is fully committed to providing customers with privacy and security protection.

This includes the extensive set of security and encryption services that meet the requirements of security-sensitive organizations. That’s precisely what is needed to help implement complete customer control of their data.

It doesn’t stop at that since AWS helps IHiS to continuously update its GPConnect IT system to support vaccination operations on the ground. For those who may have no idea about what we are talking about, this is a critical tool used by health practitioners across the country. The company developed and deployed 12 releases across nine months to the AWS system.

The Bottom Line

By leveraging AWS infrastructure and service in several areas, IHiS has been able to focus its efforts on application design and development rather than time-consuming infrastructure and operational maintenance. No wonder IHiS was able to meet the rapidly evolving demands of vaccination operations in Singapore. To find out more about how Singapore’s IHiS has increased bandwidth and resiliency in vaccine operations with AWS system, be sure to visit its official website.