January27 , 2023

Top Characteristics of a Dress Watch


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A couple of years back, watches were mainly reserved for women and were more of a jewelry as opposed to time-telling tools.  However, things have taken a different direction with men now appreciating what a wristwatch has to offer when it comes to complementing their outfit. No wonder it is no longer a surprise to find a man visiting any United States watch official retailer to purchase one.

Even though the modern dress watch comes with more complications, it still maintains it’s initial use.  With different dress watches out there to choose from, you need to do your homework before making a purchasing decision. After all, not many people understand what makes a dress watch a dress watch.

Luckily, we’re here to offer a helping hand. Whether you want to invest in a Rolex or Seiko dress watch, here are some of the most notable characteristics you need to keep in mind.

Slim Profile

When compared to other timepieces out there such as the Sport model, a dress watch typically comes in a slimmer profile. One might wonder why this is the case. Well, a dress watch is intended to complement your formal wear. For this reason, it must fit appropriately under a shirt cuff or any other formal style attire you choose to go with. And the slim profile allows for that.

Leather Strap

If you’re not into leather straps, then you ought to be prepared to have one when looking forward to investing in a dress watch. In most cases, dress watches are outfitted with a leather strap, either textured or smooth. However, you can still find a few models fitted with very slim bracelets. The choice you decide to settle on is entirely based on your needs and preference, not forgetting what you want in a dress watch.

These are just but some of the characteristics to watch out for when shopping for a new dress timepiece. Other characteristics to keep a close eye on include precious metals and a smaller or average case size. If in the market for the right dress watch, why not opt for Seiko timepieces.

As one of the leading watch manufacturers at the moment, you’ll certainly fall in love with a Seiko dress watch. Get in touch with H2 Hub today, the United States watch official retailer for Seiko watches and order one from the comfort of your home.