April24 , 2024

Top Reasons Your Business Should Use Instagram Stories


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It is with no denying that Instagram stories should always be a primary part of any business social media strategy. Actually, stories that are published by brands and businesses tend to get more views than stories from regular profiles. No wonder it is easy to draw in more followers and promote products through Instagram story marketing.

However, not everyone is into the prospect of leveraging what Instagram stories offer their businesses. If you happen to be in this category, then you may have no idea on the numerous benefits you might be missing out on. In this article, we’ve compiled top reasons businesses should use Instagram stories to their advantage.

Improve Brand Visibility

By now you may already know that the stories you follow appear at the top of your feed with a colorful ring to indicate there is a New Story published. What is even more fascinating, your followers also get notified the very moment you publish a new story. That’s why it is quite difficult for them to miss than the regular Instagram post.

To attract high-quality entries, avoid limiting yourself to just one story per day. To be on the safe side, you should make it the norm to post up to 5 stories per day. That way, you will; certainly keep retention rates to over 70%.

Generate Leads

Growing your following on Instagram automatically means growing your pool of prospects and leads that are one step closer to converting. Even if your Instagram stories will only last for 24 hours, the good thing is that not only those who follow you will be able to see them. What this simply means is that Instagram stories are discoverable and people who don’t follow you can get to see what your brand is all about.

The Bottom Line

 Instagram stories have more to offer your business than some entrepreneurs and marketers tend to think. From generating leads and getting instant feedback for new products or services to interacting with your audience and reaching more people, you can never regret your decision after taking this route.

For things to turn out how you expect, be sure to take advantage of stickers. It doesn’t stop there since you should also avoid using generic hashtags. You can continue reading about the benefits of Instagram stories to determine whether or not it is precisely what your business needs.