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Criminal lawyer Singapore is outstanding criminal defense team is renowned for its commitment. Attention to detail. devotion to the causes of our clients. commitment to obtaining the finest result for our clients. The criminal defense team at Trident Law, led by two of Singapore’s best criminal defense attorneys, is renowned for having played a key role in several significant rulings and legal “firsts” in Singapore. We have handled difficult and intricate criminal trials that took place in court for almost 100 days.

Trident’s criminal defense attorneys as Criminal lawyer Singapore have the breadth of experience necessary to help you with a variety of issues of your case, such as Act to Prevent Corruption, Act on Drug Misuse, Act to Prevent Human Trafficking, Road Traffic Act Securities and Futures Act Corruption, Drug Trafficking, and Other Serious Crimes Act. Our criminal law specialists are frequently called upon to counsel clients on international corruption and bribery offenses that are prohibited by the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions (OECD Anti-Bribery Convention) (FCPA).

Trident Law has extensive expertise in trying cases in State Courts, the High Court, and the Supreme Court for criminal appeals. Our attorneys have contributed to some significant court rulings over the years. Trident Law has one of Singapore’s largest criminal defense departments, giving it the capacity and ability to tackle the most challenging cases. In Singapore, the police and other enforcement agencies are in charge of conducting criminal investigations. Please be aware that the following information is not meant to be legal advice. It aims to provide you with a general understanding of the criminal procedure. This should help you understand how criminal cases are handled when asked to help with investigations or after you’ve been detained or accused of a crime. Regardless matter whether you have been charged or are only being investigated, you should think about seeing a Criminal lawyer Singapore.

This is so that your attorney can help you through the process, listen to your directions, and then advise you on the appropriate next steps based on those instructions. Criminal lawyer Singaporeof Trident Law has been regularly hired by clients with offices both domestically and abroad to represent them in cases involving claims of bribery and corruption, including those involving foreign public officials, money laundering, tax fraud, insider trading, and market manipulation. In cases with origins in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and India, we have taken a leading role.