January31 , 2023

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a New Commercial HVAC System


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Buying a new commercial HVAC unit can be a complicated or a confusing process, especially when getting one for the very first time. Either way, this is one of those decisions that you cannot risk skimping on since it offers increased comfort and energy efficiency. Better, they help reduce your energy costs and enhance cooling capacity.

Despite this, you will still come across business owners crying foul after buying a commercial HVAC unit. Well, this is always going to happen if you make mistakes in your purchase decision. In this post, we’ve compiled some of the common mistakes to avoid at all costs when buying a new commercial HVAC unit.

Getting the Wrong Size Estimate

Just because you have a rough estimate of an HVAC system, it is not to say it’s accurate enough to provide a unit with optimum efficiency and cooling capacity. Unfortunately, some people end up making a purchase decision based on the rough estimate. If you were planning on doing that, it is in your best interest that you find out more about the size you need for your commercial building. It is then that you won’t have to worry about choosing the wrong size unit for your business.

Having a Non-Professional Install the Unit

HVAC systems should always be installed by certified and qualified contractors at all times. Whereas some HVAC contractors may offer your low prices, be wary of them since they may not have your best interest at heart. Before calling upon professional to help install your new commercial HVAC unit, be sure to carry out a background check on them to determine whether they are capable of handling the job. The best way to go about this is by reading their online reviews to see what previous customers have to say about them.

Never allow simple mistakes to stop you from getting the most out of your commercial HVAC system. Ensure you learn from your mistakes and those made by other business owners to avoid finding yourself in the same old position.