February25 , 2024

What is a commercial HVAC system?


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A commercial HVAC system stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services that are provided on a commercial level. These systems are quite popular nowadays, especially in commercial building, hospitals, schools, and multinational corporations. The increasing popularity of these systems is due to several reasons that we will discuss later in the same article.

Companies and commercial buildings need commercial HVAC systems to provide comfortable temperature, consistent humidity, and purified air to their occupants and employees. But why do all these companies only look for commercial HVAC systems? Why don’t they look up to other systems? The major reason behind this is that commercial HVAC systems provide a number of features to the customers.

These systems control the temperature of the area you want, giving you your desired temperature, purifying air coming into your area by filtering them using multiple high tech systems, saves significant amounts of power (both heat power and electricity power), and also save you some money. Unlike the other systems, a commercial HVAC system comes all in your budget with providing more features than others.

How does a commercial HVAC system work?

Generally, all kinds of commercial HVAC systems work in the same way to provide you with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services. Below, we have mentioned the working procedures of these services in a brief.

  • Air conditioning process

The refrigerator and water-cooler pre-installed in the system absorb air and then cool it. Also, these systems also function to remove the excessive humidity present in the air cooled by the system.

  • Heating process

Just like the name, the heating services provided by these systems are simply opposite to the process of air conditioning. Air is passed through different pipes and tunnels and then heated using water, radiator coils, and gases.

  • Ventilation process

The ventilation process of the commercial HVAC systems is executed by passing the air through different filters and circulators that are pre-installed in the system. These tools circulate the air and purify it using the filtration process to provide you fresh and healthy air. Also, the ventilation process removes germs and decreases the humidity in the air.