January27 , 2023

Notable Characteristics of Commercial HVAC Systems


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Commercial air conditioning systems operate according to the same basic principles as residential systems. What this simply means is that they circulate refrigeration through a system, which expands and compresses it. However, you need to keep in mind that the two differ greatly in specifics.

Well, this is easy to see why since commercial HVAC systems need to support a much larger space when compared to residential systems. Furthermore, they must adjust to accommodate different businesses with different loads. Here are two distinct characteristics of commercial HVAC systems you should know about.

Rooftop Placement

If you’ve done your homework, you can attest to the fact that most commercial units appear on the rooftops of their buildings. This is mainly for reasons of space efficiency.  Remember, air conditioners have to vent hot air into the outdoors. No wonder placing them inside means cumbersome venting units through the building.

Some business owners find it viable to keep the system on the ground. Whereas there is nothing wrong with taking this approach, it can take up space that could be used for parking and shipping purposes. That’s why you should settle on rooftop placement since it cuts through all these while giving repair technicians an easy time.


You might not know this, but most commercial HVAC systems use multiple separate units. These units are sized the same and each contributes to the overall air conditioning needs of the premise or office. A modular system makes it possible for building managers to add or subtract units as necessity demands.  Of course, this happens without the need to alter larger structures of the systems.

The distinct characteristics of commercial HVAC systems make for very different repair problems. That’s why repairs for commercial HVAC should be handled by experts with years of experience. Take your time and search around if you are to find a reputable HVAC repair professional you can count on.

Luckily, you can leverage the internet in this regard and access every piece of information you need. It is then that you will get the most from your commercial HVAC unit.