February25 , 2024

What You Should Know about the Productivity Solutions Grant


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Running a business in Singapore has lots of benefits for business owners, especially small businesses. As a friendly business country, the government of Singapore introduced many schemes and tools that help local businesses and their owners towards financial freedom. Productivity Solutions Grant PSG is one such scheme.

What is Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)?

Productivity Solutions Grant is an incentive scheme created by the government of Singapore to assist local businesses to improve their growth by adopting internet technology solutions such as digital marketing. This government scheme is delivered through Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA). This Singapore business grant is focused on adopting IT-related solutions in retail, food, engineering, finance, landscaping, and logistics industries.

Approved vendors for this grant SingaporeĀ 

MediaOne is one of the Singapore government-approved vendors where you can enjoy their internet technology solutions such as marketing grant Singapore if your business meets the PSG grant eligibility. MediaOne is a digital marketing agency with lots of internet solutions such as search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing. They have played important roles in improving the businesses of many Singaporeans over the past decade. With the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG), you can get MediaOne internet digital solutions by up to 70%. This means you can enjoy all the digital marketing solutions offered by this digital agency at a huge discount.

Criteria to be Eligible for PSG Digital MarketĀ 

There are different criteria your business must meet for you to be eligible for this PSG Digital Marketing at the MediaOne digital marketing agency. They include the following:

  • Singapore company registration number or incorporated entity GST.
  • Your business must be active and operating at a Singapore office when applying for the grant.
  • You must either be a Singapore citizen, Singapore work/employment permit holder, or Singapore permanent resident.
  • Your business must have a yearly turnover of 100 million dollars or less (GST included). Also, you must have a minimum of 200 employees.
  • The business should have 30% local shareholding.

Does your business meet the aforementioned PSG eligibility requirements? If yes, go ahead and apply for the business grant on the business grant portal Singapore. A Letter of Offer known as LOF will be sent to you if your PSG application was approved. You can always check the status of your application on the business grant portal. With the acceptance letter you can enjoy the website, SEO, and digital marketing solutions of MediaOne.