How to Change Your IoT Device’s APN


Even though you have to manually add the APN and other setting information of your IoT device, many people find this to be a mammoth task. For them, it is best left in the hands of professionals. However, this does not always have to be the case since you can get through it provided you know how to handle it.

Depending on the type of device and carrier, you can choose a dynamic APN to auto-populate the respective access point name. Unfortunately, this can only happen when the APN is not hard coded on the device. That leaves many wondering what it takes to change their IoT device’s APN.

To offer a helping hand, you will first have to find your carrier’s APN name. Luckily, this won’t eat into your valuable time since you can find this information on their website or managed account. The page containing the APN’s names will also share the Username, IP address and password.

Once you find the APN name, you will need to access the APN settings on your IoT device. The best way to go about this is by using the device’s instruction manual to save yourself some time. Once you access the page, you need to add the carrier’s settings to your device.  

Ensure you enter all the information correctly just as it appears from your carrier. Skimp on this and you will struggle to make the changes. That’s why you should always exercise caution when typing in the carrier’s setting to your IoT device. It is then that you will not have to worry about leaving any room for mistakes.

The Bottom Line

Changing your IoT device’s APN does not have to be the underlying reason behind your woes. All it takes is for you to figure out what it takes to complete the process before you get started. Hopefully, this guide can serve as a good starting point the next time you want to change your device’s APN. Feel free to ask for help when in doubt to avoid making mistakes.


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