January27 , 2023

How to Ace Your General Paper Exam!


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For most students in Singapore, the sheer thought of Math and Science can end up sending shivers down their spine the moment they reach their A-levels. However, these are not the only subjects that give students sleepless nights since they also have to make do with General Paper. This test is aimed at gauging a student’s comprehension, writing, and background knowledge.

Even though it might sound like a piece of cake at first, you might be surprised at what lies ahead. After all, you need to master how to write appropriatelyand stick to the point. The good news is you can hone your skills provided you understand what is expected of you. To offer a helping hand, here are two tips to ensure you ace your General Paper exam.

Have the Right Materialswith You

Before you even think about starting your intensive revisions, it is highly advisable that you have the right materials in place. This action is aimed at making sure you have a smooth ride when revising. To pull this off successfully, figure out exactly what you need after which you can organize the references and any other learning material you need for your revision. It is then that you can get done with everything hassle-free the moment you start revising.

Attend General Paper Tuition

Despite the fact that it is possible for you to hone your skills single-handedly, you might fail to improve on your areas of weakness. Rather than making do with this, it is highly advisable that you enroll for General Paper tuition. This action goes a long way in making sure you don’t fail or barely pass GP.

With so many centers offering GP tuition Singapore, you need to exercise caution before settling on one. To be on the safe side, examine as many tuition centers as possible and figure out what they have to offer. This will mean prioritizing important things such as the experience of tutors, online reviews, fees to mention a few. It is then that you can benefit from the assistance offered by GP tutors in Singapore.

The Bottom Line

Simply because your friends and fellow students are struggling with General Paper, it does not mean the same should happen to you. It is possible to ace your General Paper exam provided you put the right measures in place earlier enough.